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Get More Google Reviews For Your Business

Everything you need to know about using Google to get more reviews for your business

Google is arguably the most important place to get more reviews

Google reviews are quickly becoming the gold standard of online reviews for businesses world wide.  

Not only is your Google listing (Google My Business or "GMB") important for consumers looking for your basic business information (name, address, phone number), it also serves as the first impression for people learning about your credibility and reputation.  Your Google reviews are what's populated within your listing on the right hand panel of search results on desktop, and one of the first things people see when searching for you on their cell phones (see 2 screen shots below).

For many people searching online, your Google reviews may be the only reason they choose you or your competition.

Whether you're dominating Google reviews, or haven't even claimed your listing yet, the information on this page is your definitive guide to taking control of your Google reviews and getting more Google reviews in the process.  

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Your Google Reviews Are Your First Impression for People Searching Online

Your Google reviews are literally the first thing people see when searching for your business.  The two images below are good examples of what consumers see when they search for your business online.  As you can see, your Google reviews are prominently displayed front and center for searchers to see.  From a desktop, Google will even pull in some quotes from your online reviews.  

It is entirely possible that many people will only look at this single listing of yours before deciding whether or not they will call you.  If you have no Google reviews, or your Google review rating is poor, your business will likely miss out on new customers.
Desktop search results for "Laser Focus Tattoo Removal"
Mobile search results for "Laser Focus Tattoo Removal"

Your Reviews Are Even More Important for General Google Searches

Sticking with the same example, let's imagine someone searches for "tattoo removal Austin".  A general search like this is common, especially for the majority of people who don't know the name of the business quite yet.

As you can see in this example, Laser Focus Tattoo Removal is in a competitive market.  All of the results that show up have several Google Reviews and a great overall review rating. 

If you don't have enough Google reviews, or if your Google reviews are poor, you will likely lose new business to any of your competition that has great Google reviews. Even worse, if you don't have enough Google reviews, Google may leave you off this list all together. 

To Get Google Reviews, You First Need to Claim and Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Not sure if you've already claimed your Google listing?

Does this sound foreign to you?

Don't worry, claiming your Google listing is pretty simple, and absolutely necessary when it comes to getting more Google reviews.
First you want to start by searching for your business using Google search.  You should see your business listing pop up on the right hand side of search results.
how to find your google my business listing

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Your Google Reviews Are Everything to New Customers

People that trust Google reviews as much as personal recommendations
People that say a Google review must be written within last 30 days in order to be relevant
People that would choose a business with a 3 star or below Google rating
People that would choose a business with a 4 star or greater Google rating
86% of people hesitate to choose a business that has negative Google reviews

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