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Generate More Positive Reviews for Your Business

Generate a steady flow of positive reviews from your happy customers via mobile, check-in, SMS & email campaigns.

All you have to do is enter the name and email/phone of your customer. ReviewSlam automatically sends a review request to your customer's cell phone or email inbox.

Based on a one-question feedback request, your customer is sent directly to the top review sites, scoring new 5-star reviews for your business. 

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Manage Negative Customer Feedback & Reviews

Don't get blindsided by negative reviews. With real-time alerts, you can address customer issues before they become public.

If a customer indicates a less-than-positive experience, their review is flagged and sent to you immediately. The customer is not prompted to any external review sites. 

With ReviewSlam, negative customer feedback is routed to you internally before it becomes a public review, giving you the opportunity to turn an unhappy customer into a satisfied one.

Monitor Your Reputation and Reviews

Are you currently aware of every review your customers have left about your business on any review site? With ReviewSlam's real-time alerts, you'll know instantly when a review - positive or negative - is left about your business.

ReviewSlam also aggregates all your reviews in a customized dashboard. See all your reviews in one place, on demand. 

Be Found Everywhere Online

With ReviewSlam, your business is found by search engines — accurately and up-to-date — across all the major consumer sites.

Search engines favor businesses with a high quantity of positive reviews. Businesses using ReviewSlam are more likely to show up above the competition when customers are searching for their services. 

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