Google Review Generation

Google Review Generation

Learn How You Can Get Your Customers to Write Reviews for Your Business

Every major business on the internet relies heavily on local traffic, most of which comes from reviews. Businesses have always been dependent on reviews, because word-of-mouth has always been the best form of publicity for businesses. However, times have changed, and with them marketing tactics. 

Now, businesses don’t solely rely on word-of-mouth reviews, and in the digital age, it has become imperative that businesses get people talking about them online.

Online reviews are basically an extension of word-of-mouth marketing, with the only difference being that when customers leave reviews online, they become a permanent record of the performance of the business in terms of their products and services. The plus side for businesses is that they will get business irrespective of whether the review is good or bad, at least it has people talking about them.

Wait, so getting negative reviews is good for your business? 

Well, not really, but it is better than having no reviews for your business online. If your business isn’t getting reviewed on the internet, you’re in serious trouble, because you’re unable to generate interest in your brand, and your revenue streams will take a nosedive to the bottom. Reviews are critical for the survival of a business online, because without them you will have no links or connections with the customers.

However, you should take one thing into consideration when looking to generate reviews online. They will only be valuable if they are unbiased and honest, so don’t try to mislead client by writing fake reviews for your business, or negative reviews about your competitors. So, what should a business owner do to generate reviews on Google?

Take advantage of link building

This may seem odd, but link building is like review generation, because they tend to follow the same pattern.

 You connect with your potential customers through other influencers in your niche. When an influencer or an authoritative website links to your content, it shows a vote of confidence to all its readers that you have something worth sharing. This drives traffic to your business, and creates more prospects for them to review your business online. Failure to do that will result in you not capitalizing on your target audience on the internet. 

However, there are some tactics that you should avoid if you don’t want to get into trouble with Google review generation. These tactics are as follows:

Don't copy businesses that cheat their way to getting more reviews

You can take inspiration from other businesses, who have been successful in Google review generation, but don’t copy the ideas and tactics of businesses that cheat. 

Try to catch a pattern of how people are reviewing your business, and what type of reviews they are writing, and then capitalize on that. If all the reviews you are getting are in the same pattern, then it will throw up red flags on Google.

For instance, if the reviews are coming from the same location, and are posted within a couple of days of one another, with similar phrasing, it will seem orchestrated. This will lead to Google penalizing your reviews, and you won’t profit from anything. 

Don’t try to scale reviews abnormally fast

Another thing you should steer well clear of in Google review generation is trying to scale reviews in large numbers in a really short amount of time, especially if you currently have a low volume of reviews. It will not only look desperate, but will also take away the credibility of the reviews, raising red flags with Google as people will start getting suspicious of your business. 

Integrate and Influence

After we have covered what we shouldn’t do, let’s look at the things you must do to generate proper reviews that get approved and show how your business is growing. Your business can influence customers to leave reviews, but you shouldn’t force them to write reviews about the business. How can you do that? By influencing your audience with communication, and better services, and they will feel compelled to leave good reviews for excellent service.

Offer Outstanding Customer Service

One of the best ways to guarantee excellent reviews for your business is to provide them with exceptional customer service. 

If you treat your customers like kings and queens, they will not only return the favor, but will talk about your business to everyone online. Great customer service is always appreciated by customers, and that is one of the best ways to get people talking about you.
However, getting people to like you by providing them with excellent customer service isn’t a short-term thing. You need to show consistency in your services, because not everyone thinks about leaving reviews the moment they get good service. However, some businesses don’t have a lot of time to generate reviews on Google on their own, and fortunately for you, we have a solution for that as well.

Know your average customer life-cycle

The most important thing you need to learn here is the average life-cycle for your customer, which means knowing how long your customers prefer to stick with your services. The main point of focusing on your customer life-cycle is to see whether you have opportunities that you don’t take for influencing reviews from these customers. 

Most businesses that rely on reviews, tend to know their customer life-cycle, which allows them to operate in a manner that ensures they get reviews before they lose clients.

Email marketing integration

Another great way to ensure that you get solid, and reliable Google review generation for your business is by using email marketing. It will only work if you have figured out your customer life-cycle, because you can then determine how long you have before you start getting reviews. You should take advantage of things like newsletters, so that you can communicate with customers on a regular basis. 

Once you have integrated email marketing, you will have a better idea of when the customer will be thinking about leaving a review. Most times, customers tend to leave reviews right after they purchase a product or a service. However, this is subjective, and it could even be weeks before a customer decides to leave a review for your business.

The entire process is easy to follow and if you conduct it in the proper manner, and communicate with your customers regularly, you will have no problem in Google review generation. There are so many different things you can do to try and get reviews for your business, but the main thing you must look at is whether you are going to get high quality and reliable reviews for your business.

Mention Social Media to Clients

You shouldn’t solely be targeting your clients through email, after all the power of social media supersedes everything in the digital age. 

If you want high quality reviews and get leads, then it is imperative that you mention your social media pages to all customers, not for gaining reviews, but for engaging with them. Once you start engaging with your customers the reviews will follow. Remember, the more involved you are with your customers, the better chances you have to getting high quality reviews.

The Bottom Line

To generate positive reviews that increase your business’s credibility and reach, you should mention your online communities, integrate different marketing techniques, find out the average customer cycle, and build engagement with customers. That’s all it takes to start good Google review generation for your business. Following these steps shouldn’t be hard for your business, and even if the system doesn’t work for you, you can use other techniques to get customers writing reviews about your business. All it takes is making the effort to connect with customers and you will soon learn about the benefits of getting Google review generation for your business.
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