Do reviews get my company more business?

  • By Teresa Turner
  • 08 Jun, 2017

Short answer, yes.  Reviews drive business.

As if reviews weren’t already the most important part of a company's online presence, Google just made them even more paramount. 

Whether you are a home services company or not, I recommend you listen up because Google is about to play favorites.  And trust me, you want to be on Google’s good side. 

Google Home Services Ads are coming Philadelphia  - this is either very good or very bad news for you.  

Here's what it REALLY means for your business:

  • Google is partnering with local home service providers to recommend their services to people searching online.
  • You must be hand selected by Google because they’re only accepting trusted/credible businesses in the Philadelphia area.
  • Google is vetting businesses based on their reputation, and as a result Google will be looking at your online reviews.

What can you do right now?  Simple...Start getting positive reviews on Google...NOW!

Not a home services company and wondering why you are reading this?  My point in sharing this with you is that this is just the first step for Google.  Google will be expanding this model to many other verticals and venues in no time.  

If online reputation wasn't a focus for you before, it should become one now.  Google is about to make your reviews and your online reputation impossible to ignore.

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