Why You Should Love Negative Reviews

  • By Alexis Mintz
  • 09 May, 2017

How to turn negative customer feedback into gold (while blocking them from being published online)

Ok, so nobody really loves negative reviews.  

Negative reviews hurt the reputation you've worked so hard to build, damage your online presence and deter new customers from choosing you over your competition.  Many times negative reviews feel like an attack on your business, and as a business owner an attack on your business might as well be an attack on you personally.

 So how in the world could you ever come to love negative reviews?

We know it might seem hard to imagine, but our clients love it when they receive negative reviews.  They use negative reviews to better their business, improve their customer experience and capture valuable insight while protecting their hard earned online reputation. 

Here are a few ways you can learn to love negative customer reviews as well:

1) Capture negative reviews before they're published online

Although it sounds counter intuitive, you need to ask every customer for their feedback, not  just the customers that had a great experience with you.

By doing so, you'll learn why your happy customers love you and the little things  you can do to make negative experiences positive the next time around. 

When done properly, you can catch and address negative customer feedback before it ever gets published online in the form of a 1 star review.  By dodging the bullet and blocking the negative review "pre-publish" you've now been granted the opportunity to address your customer's issue without the eyes of the entire world watching.  Which leads to point #2...

2) Turn negative customers into 5 star reviews

No, we're not crazy. 

Yes, it is possible.

By quickly responding to, addressing, and resolving negative customer feedback you send your customer a strong message that their issue matters to you and that you're willing to make it right.  Assuming you can resolve their issue quickly, most customers are quick to forgive and will absolutely give you a second chance.  By simply going above and beyond,  you'll be surprised at the number of 5 star reviews you can get from customers that previously had a negative experience with you.

3) Rest easy knowing you won't make the same mistake again

The only thing worse than making a mistake is making it over and over again.

Yes, negative customer feedback can be hard to hear and digest.  After all, someone is talking badly about your baby and nobody likes that.

But the truth is that negative customer feedback is the best thing that can happen for your business.  Instead of never knowing why customers are leaving you, or not coming back, you now have valuable information that you can take action on.  Smart business owners know that positive feedback is great, but negative feedback is what helps you grow and improve.

Each time you receive a piece of negative feedback, you not only get the opportunity to "wow" your customer by quickly resolving their issue, you get the opportunity to improve your business based on the things that actually matter to your customers.

What could be better than that?

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