Using Bulk Upload to Quickly Grow Reviews

  • By Alexis Mintz
  • 05 Jun, 2017

See how Print & Cheques Now increased their reviews 10x in less than one month

Print & Cheques Now  is a family-owned and operated check printing company located in Calgary, Alberta in Canada. Started over 30 years ago by Tom and Irene Gilchrist out of a home office, the company has expanded to employ 13+ people and operates out of 7,500 sq ft of space. Tom and Irene have been joined by Ryan and Jon, two of their sons, making this Canadian check-printing operation a true family affair.

Like most businesses, Print & Cheques Now found that getting customers to leave online reviews was a challenge. Despite having been in the check-manufacturing business for over 30 years with a large customer base, the business had just 3 Google reviews and 1 Facebook review.

What Jon did have was a list of over 15,000 customer emails. So Jon set out to find a tool to help Print & Cheques Now increase their online reviews, and started using the GetMoreReviews system.

Once Jon's GetMoreReviews tool was set-up, he uploaded his customer list of over 15,000 emails.

Rather than sending out 15,000 emails all at once, the tool automatically managed the upload to only send review requests to a certain number of customers at a time. This means the review requests are sent slowly and consistently over time, following email marketing and review site best practices.

Once Jon uploaded his list, his work was done! Print & Cheques Now has a steady stream of review requests going out daily, which means new 5-star reviews coming in every single day.
Real review alerts for Print & Cheques Now - 5 star reviews coming in daily!
"Using the GetMoreReviews system to help us increase the number of positive review on Google, Facebook & Yelp has been a fantastic experience," Jon says. "Since we started using the tool, we have gone from 1 Facebook review to 8 and from 3 Google reviews to over 30 and counting, and I'm not even close to being done with my whole list yet."

With an upload that took less than 5 minutes, Print & Cheques Now increased their 5-star online review volume by 10x in just 3 weeks.

But getting more positive reviews hasn't been the only benefit of uploading his entire customer list. Some customers have submitted negative feedback, which Jon receives immediately via an email notification. But Jon doesn't let those "thumbs down" reviews bring him down. "When I get negative feedback, I'm able to reach out and try to fix the issues instead of just losing a customer I never knew was mad at us."

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