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  • By Brent Werbeck
  • 25 Sep, 2017

Get More Reviews harnesses the power of data to create a flood of new 5 star review for your business

If you have been struggling to acquire high quality  Google reviews  online, then you came to the right place, because we are the best in the business. All smart businesses know the value of positive online customer reviews, since they affect local rankings on search engines. Statistics further highlight the value of search engine rankings, since businesses that were ranked #1 were  33% more likely to get reviewed  by customers, which helped promote their brand.

Google reviews are more important for businesses than Yelp reviews, because this allows them to  generate more clicks  from their clients. Having five golden star reviews, means positive brand reputations online, and therefore more sales for the business. Having positive reviews online, will benefit your business, because it will boost your rankings on search engines, and you are more likely to attract customers, which will boost your sales.

Businesses with no reviews will not get clients, since they don’t engage with customers, and currently, people who are shopping online, are looking for businesses that have positive reviews online. Therefore, the average star rating your business has on Google, will have a massive impact on whether that customer will do business with you. The number of reviews doesn’t matter, only the ones that are genuine and quality, will hold merit with Google, so there is no way to fake your way to the top.

How to Easily Generate Google Reviews For Your Business

The one problem that almost every business is facing online currently, is getting people to provide them reviews on Google. 

Make no mistake, the Google reviews of your business are vital to online reputation and search engine rankings. Therefore, you need to go all out to encourage customers to review your services, products, and business. That is by no means an easy task, because motivating your customers to create a free Google account, locating your Google page, and then posting a review is too much work for people, and no one has the time.

Explaining the entire process can be frustrating, and time consuming, which is why most businesses end up not bothering with customer reviews online. So, what gives? How is a legitimate business with good services acquire Google reviews from their customers, without coming across as patronizing? That is why we are in the business of review generation. We can help our clients get high quality 5-star Google reviews that are genuine, and will rank consistently at the top of search engines. 

Here is what we can do:

Star With Great Service and/or Superior Products 

Although it may seem obvious, it is worth nothing that having a great service or great product is the most important part of generating new reviews for your business.  Without doing something special (your competitive advantage), it will only be more difficult to generate a high volume of reviews for your business.

With a great service and great product behind your business, your efforts to get more reviews will be made 10x easier and nearly everyone you ask will gladly leave you a 5 star online review.

Use Automated Reminders to Ensure No Review is Left Behind

We help you maximize review generation with automated reminders to your customers that don't take action after your first review request.

As a consumer, it is easy to overlook a single email or text message from a business.  This is why we use a calculated series of gentle reminders to further encourage your customer to leave you a 5 star review.

We Care About the Science Behind Each Review Request (Open Rates & Review Request Rates)

Everything we do to generate more reviews for your business is backed by data-based-decisions.  

We're proud to have some of best review-conversion-rates in the industry generating more review for our clients than any other platform out there.

To us, this is more than a science.  The way we configure each account - the wording and timing of each email and text message, and the sequence and timing of each click - is based on countless data points that have proven to convert the highest number of reviews.

Engage & Request Reviews from Your Customers at the Optimal Time

Timing is everything.

A review request sent at the wrong time can mean the difference between your customer taking action and ignoring your request.  Rest assured knowing that we use the highest converting timing sequences to ensure your review request turn into more five star online reviews for your business. 

Reasons Why You Should Work with Us

Here at Get More Reviews we have the best interests of our clients at hand, and use data backed algorithms that allow us to provide them with high quality review generation services.

There is no doubt that you will not only get more results, but will also have higher rankings with search results and on social media with our review generation services at your disposal.

Here is how we can help you:

Quality Traffic and Better Marketing

We can help you generate reviews that will attract high quality traffic that offers guaranteed conversion.

Increase ROI & Enhance SEO

We will help increase your organic traffic, and will improve the effectiveness of the paid ads related to your brand. This is mainly because Google indexes and crawls all reviews, which means that your reviews will appear in product listing ads, seller ratings, and SERPs.

Retain Buyers and Engage Customers

We help your business by responding and rewarding reviews that help you build relationships with your shoppers, and keep them coming back to your business.

Sell more and Build Trust

The more reviews that you will get on your website, related to your company, and product, the better your chances will become of building trust with your clients. It will also lead to an increase in on-site conversions and boost sales.

Leverage Visual Marketing with User-Generated Photos

Collect authentic photos of your customers with their reviews, and showcase them on your advertisements, social pages, and your website. Never underestimate the power of visual marketing, which will not only increase credibility of reviews, but lead to higher conversions.

More Customers and Reviews

We will help you collect new reviews that are promoting your business, and will send your customers to the top review sites, for sharing feedback.

Intelligent, Automatic Feedback and Review Generation

We help you engage with your customers in real-time without bogging down your current workflow or busy staff.

Customer contact information from your accounting or business management applications can be used to collect reviews automatically in bulk without needing to do it manually. 

This will help you save time, allowing you to sit back while the new reviews start to pour in. You can customize the timing of the request, how often you send them and the content of each reminder.

Get More Reviews Automated Requests

We employ multiple methods for review requests, which include:

  • Business website

  • Facebook

  • Drip campaign

  • Mobile Kiosks

  • Text message

  • Email

You can choose the method that is most appealing to you and fits with your business model, and customize the methods completely. This will allow you to keep your brand identity consistent, and you will get real-time alerts whenever customers review your businesses.

Track Everything

One of the best things you gain with real-time reporting is that you can view all the requests, and measure how many requests where converted into positive reviews about your business.

Review Alerts in Real-Time

Get notifications in real-time, whenever a customer leaves a review mentioning your brand or business. This allows you to respond instantly and engage your customers.

Generate More Customer Reviews

Never underestimate the importance of customer reviews on the internet, and Get More Reviews can help your business gain more reviews easily. 

We know the importance of review generation, and will work with your brand to help customers post positive reviews online. It isn’t easy getting your customers to review your business, which is why we are here to help you out. Our review generation tool will help you generate customer reviews by sending direct feedback requests to clients you have done business with.

With the help of these requests, we will be able to help your business generate more reviews from customers, and we will link them with your social media pages. This will allow you to share customer reviews on social platforms, and enhance your online visibility. 

The more positive the customer reviews are the higher your business is going to be ranked on search engines.

Reputation Management is Critical to Your Business 

There will be times when customers will be unhappy with the services that they have received from your business. Therefore, they will leave negative and bad reviews about your business, and we will work with you to ensure that no review does serious damage to the reputation of the business or brand.

Positive Review Generation

We will harness the power of customers who have had good experiences when dealing with your business, since they will leave positive reviews. We have a review generation system that will encourage your customers to share positive experiences in reviews, and we will redirect them to review sites, and forums so that they can help promote the business.

The more people leave positive reviews about your business, the better it will be for your brand reputation, and business.

Protect Your Brand

Do you feel as if someone is deliberately sabotaging your brand online? We have experienced teams in place who will monitor all reviews, and ensure that there are no reviews that are using your brand name inappropriately. Online reputation is everything, and you must do everything in your power to protect your brand on the internet.

We will help you create a positive online reputation that is going to take your business to new heights. There is untold power in positive reviews, which can completely transform the fortunes of a startup, and turn it into a Unicorn overnight.

Learn More

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